Group 1 - Are Learners Different Today?

Based on the article: "Are Learners Different Today?"

As generations go by there are changes that occur. Learning styles of students today vary greatly from those of current students’ parents or grandparents. There is more technology available for students to enhance and assist their learning. For those born after 1982, there is a term used to describe them, “Millennial." This term is used when discussing students, or generations of students, who use computers and advanced technology in their everyday learning. It also relates to the social networking this generation has began to partake in. Students interactwith one another across the internet from their own computers.

The internet is being used in various ways; however, social networking is at the top of the list for children these days. “Nine- to 17-year-[olds] report spending almost as much time using social networking services and Web sites as they spend watching television.” (Grunwald Associates LLC and the National School Boards Association)

This is equivalent to approximately 20 hours a week devoted to networking on the internet and watching television. While one may look at this as negative and view children as lazy because they spend most of their time in front of the television or computer screen “a sizeable proportion of them are adventurous nonconformists who set the pace for their peers.” As students advance technologically, adults are trying to catch up.

Not only can children network, but aslo adults are learning as well. Some professions have advanced to online meetings using their networking skills. Future generations will only be more comfortable with the technological age than the previous generations. Growing up with technology at your fingertips is a great advantage.

Here is a video about Technology and Learning!