Some Different Types of Theories

Behaviorist Theories
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The core of behaviorism seems to lie in the notion that every learner begins life as a blank slate, or "tabula rasa." It assumes that every behavior is the result of external stimuli, and is therefore shaped through either positive or negative reinforcement. Learn more here.

Cognitivist Theories

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Cognitivism focuses on the processes of the brain, viewing it as a "black box" which needs to be opened and understood. Cognitivists see the brain as being similar to a computer, or an "information processor." Learn more here.

Constructivist Theory

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Constructivism view learning as being an active process where the learner constructs their own version of reality. It holds that everything we learn, and how we learn it, is affected by our own former personal experiences, and so everyone's interpretation will naturally be different. Learn more here.