Educational Theories:

Behaviorism: is the study of behavior and how people grow and learn based on their behaviors. It is soley based on behaviors or actions that can be observed or measured. The way we learn new behaviors is through "conditioning."

There are two kinds of conditioning: operant and classical.

Classical Conditioning: a stimulus causes a reaction. For example, when you feed your dog, he salivates, but when you ring a bell, nothing happens. You ring a bell and feed your dog, then he salivates. After a while, once he hears the bell he will begin to salivate because he knows that the bell means he is going to get food.

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Operant Conditioning: recieving a reward for an action. For example a rat in a laboratory steps on a lever to get food. If he wants more food, he must continue to step on the lever. His actions (stepping on the lever) lead to a reward (the food).
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