Classical conditioning is one of the behavorist theories. It is a reflexive type of learning where a person reacts to something that once coincided with something else. Ivan Pavlov studied this theory on dogs and later John B. Watson continued the study on infants. For more information on Pavlov check out this website.

Another behaviorist theory is operant conditioning. B.F. Skinner studied operant conditioning and figured out that it is when an association is formed between a behavior and a consequence. To learn more about Skinner click here.

Albert Bandura discovered that people learn through observation, imitation, and modeling of others. He called this Social Learning Theory. People learn everyday just by living in an environment. For a biography on Albert Bandura click here.

Vygotsky's says that students play an active role in learning. This is his socail development theory. Visit this website to learn more about Vygotsky.

Abraham Maslow discovered a hierarchy of needs. People aim to meet basic needs, however, they also aim to meet higher needs as well. For more about Maslow, click here.20071006-Maslow.jpg

Erik Erikson developed an eight stage theory of identity and psycosocial development. To learn about Erikson visit this website.