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Jean Piaget 1896-1980

Jean is a Swiss biologist and child psychologist, who came up with the Cogntive-Development theory. Which explains how children construct knowledge as they manipulate and explore their world. To read more information on Jean and his Congitive Development theory click here.


Jean Lave 1968-present


Etienne Wenger 1952-present

Jean a social anthropolgist and Etienne an independent consultant worked together and came up with the theory, community of practice. This theory is bassed on the gaining of knowlege through social and spontaneous communities. These communities arn't just any communities they are communities that have common interests and passions. To read more on this theory click here or go to Wenger's person page.

John Watson 1878-1958

John is a psychologist and studied behaviorism. He came up with his own theory of behaviorism. He cam up with his theory through the observations of behaviors in animals and than humans and than compared the two. To read more on this theory click hereclick here.


B.F. Skinner 1904-1990

Skinner is a well known psychologist who came up with the theory of Operant Conditioning. This theory give reasons for a broad range of phenomena. To learn more about this theory click here or here.

Howard Gardner 1943-present

Howard is a psychologists who developed the Theory of Multiple Intelligence. This theory deals with seven different kinds of intelligences. To read more on this theory **click here**.

Albert Banduram 1925-present

Albert is a psychologist who studied behaviorism. His Theory of Behaviorism talks about variables one can observe, manipulate, and measure. To read more on this theory **click here**.


Edward Tolman 1886-1959

Edward is a psychologist who can up with the Cognitive Theory of Learning. This theory talks about how learning development is from small knowledge we know and cognitions about the enviornment. Also this theory talks about how organisms relate to the enviornment. To read more on this theory **click here**.

Lev Vygotsky 1896-1934

Lev is a psychologist who cam up with Vygotsky's Sociocultural Theory. This theory studies social interactions and how these interactions lead to multiple step-by-step changes in the way children think and behave. Also these interactions vary from culture to culture. To read more about this theory **click here**.


Richard Rorty 1931-2007

Richard is a philosopher and he developed the Pragmatist Theory about Truth. In this theory it talks about how truth not being expected to be a philosophically interesting theory . He says that truth is a name of a property which all true statements share. To read more on this theory **click here**.


Ivan Pavlov 1849-1936

Ivan is a Russian physiologist, psychologist, and a physician. His theory is on Classical Conditioning. His theory studies different reflexes. To read more on this thoery **click here**.

John Dewey 1859-1952

John is a philosopher and psychologist. He developed the Social Theory and the Theory of Knowledge. John has his own society called the John Dewey society and they believe that human interactions with natural or artifical enviornment is essential for the rise of public and private thought, social progress, and personal development.To read more on John's theries **click here** or to read more about or join The John Dewey Society **click here**.

Edward Thorndike 1874-1949

Edward is a psychologist who came up with the Law of Effect and also Animal Intelligence. In his study of animal intelligence he studied how animals learn by trail by error. To read more about Edwards works **click here**.


Giambattista Vico 1668-1744

Giambattista is known as the founder of mondern philosophy of culture and mythology. He wrote The New Science and is also known for his principle of Verum Factum. In Verum Factum it main idea is about truth being verified through creation or intervention. To read more about Giambattista philosophy's click here or you can go to The Institute for Vico Studies.

Jerome Bruner 1915-present

Jerome is a psychologist who studies child development. He is know for his Constructivist Theory which studies instruction that is based on the studing of cognition and this theory has three basic modes of instruction. To read more on this theory click here.