Welcome to the Learning Theories Wiki Space - Spring 2008

This wiki space will be used as an experiment in web-based learning among the students in Cheryl Wood's ISTC 301, Integrating Instructional Technology class during spring 2008.

The purpose of this wiki site is for students to contribute information about learning theories and theorists and discuss how these theories of learning apply to the use of technology in education.

Any student in the classes can add, edit or delete information on the pages. The object is to develop a site that will be a demonstration of your knowledge of learning theories/theorists and your thinking/reflecting about them.

You will work in groups to complete this assignment - this means that you will need to cooperate and collaborate.

To gain an understanding of how a Wiki functions - go here

This assignment will be worth 25 points toward your final grade. The assignment addresses the following ISTC 301 course objectives: Investigate, discuss and reflect on the roles of electronic/digital technology in teaching and learning; Participate in meaningful communication within and outside of an electronic learning community; Connect the classroom learning with situations and experiences in the outside world;

Here's a video of a slide presentation from TeacherTube about learning theories.

Follow the steps to complete this assignment:

Step 1:

Read the articles/material at the following sites to gain an understanding of the learning theories.

  • howdopeoplelearn.htm - This is an article by two Towson University Professors that summarizes learning theories. (RIGHT click an open in a new window or tab)

Think critically about the sites you've visited and the material you've read.

Step 2:

Go to these sites and look at the information there about this generation of learners:

Step 3:

With your group members, you are to develop a wiki page(s) to demonstrate your understanding of the learning theories. Here are some suggestions to make your pages effective:
  1. Consider some essential questions about the topic that you will need to answer (i.e. How is behaviorism defined? How is constructivism defined? What are the differences between the theories? Who are some of the important theorists?)
  2. Build your wiki page(s) with text, graphics, links, etc. Remember that you want to try for a thorough explanation/representation of the topic. Be careful that you do not copy and paste text from another webpage/source. You MUST give credit when you paraphrase information (you can insert a link in the text to where the original information appears).
  3. You can add, delete, edit, and manage material on any of your wiki pages. Experiment with the buttons on the tool bar. It may take a bit of playing around, but you can make your pages dynamic by adding links, graphics, etc.

You can use the discussion area (tab above) here to post questions, comments and messages to your other group members or other members of the class (see tab above).

Step 4:

You will be given class time on Thursday, February 14 and Tuesday, February 19 to complete this assignment; however, you will be expected to work on this outside of class. The finished pages will be due on Thursday, February 21. You will follow up this assignment with a reflection that will be posted to the Assignments section in Blackboard.